Frequently Asked Questions

What is ActorsHI? is an online platform designed to empower, showcase and elevate Hawai’i based actors. With more productions seeking local talent, we’ve created a space to make it easier for casting to find you. An ActorsHI profile gives you complete control over what you are putting out there.
From uploading new headshots and reels at no extra charge to updating your resume and sharing your performance calendar – we are here to support you as best we can!

Who created ActorsHI? was created by Hawaii-born actor Kimee Balmilero (Hawaii Five-0, Magnum P.I.) for two reasons: To showcase and empower local talent.
Having been contacted by productions repeatedly for different types of projects, Kimee wanted to make it easier for casting directors to find what they needed, no matter how specific the role.

Kimee has built from the ground up to make it as simple as possible for creative entrepreneurs to stay on point and updated with their materials. ActorsHI allows talent at any level to take control of their business and to be prepared when an opportunity arrives.

Says Balmilero, “I focused on making ActorsHI as foolproof as possible. Actors shouldn’t stress too much about this kind of stuff. It should be quick and easy to update and share, so we can focus on what we enjoy doing. I’m excited to see how it can support this amazing community of undiscovered talents.”

Is this for me?

We think so! If you’re just starting out or already have built a good resume, ActorsHI keeps actors on point and organized with their materials. Whether currently working or preparing for your next gig.

What is the most significant benefit to having an ActorsHI account?

An ActorsHI account makes it easier to organize and share your material and gives Casting Directors and Agents another way to discover you. Being part of the ActorsHI community also gives you access to special events and workshops only available to ActorsHI members. Yearly memberships also include a basic avatar and video slate shoot*. Learn more about these shoots here.
*all avatar and video slate shoots happen in our Honolulu studio only.

I just registered for a new yearly membership. How can I book my complimentary photo shoot?

New yearly memberships may book their complimentary photo shoot here.

What does it cost?

ActorsHI has two subscription levels: $15/month or $150 a year. There are no additional fees when adding new photos or uploading new videos. The most you will be paying is 50cents a day.

Is there a free trial?

Yup! Your first 30 days are free! Yeah, you!

Why does it cost so much?

When you breakdown our monthly payment, it only costs fifty cents a day. Our yearly subscription is even more affordable. Investing in your career is essential, and we believe that ActorsHI helps to support the business side of it all. We’ve built our website to be as foolproof as possible so that actors can focus more on what we love doing: ACTING!

How will it help me get work?

Having an ActorsHI profile makes it easier to share one link to agents and casting directors, including all your most recent professional material (headshot, resume, etc.) and links to your social media, IMDB and Actors Access. ActorsHI is also accessible to selected casting directors and productions making it easier for them to find you.

Do I have to be 18 to sign up?

Yes. Actors managing their profiles must be 18 years or older.

Can I sign up for my minor child?

Yes. Actors registering for profiles on ActorsHI who are under the age of 18 must have a trusted adult manage their account.

Do I have to live in Hawaii to sign up?

You do not have to live in Hawaii to register for an ActorsHI account, but you should be open and ready to work in Hawaii.

Do I have to live on Oahu to sign up?

You do not have to live in Hawaii to register for an ActorsHI account, but you should be open to work in Hawaii. Please note that productions could be happening anywhere in the state.

I already have an online presence (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), so why should I pay for something else?

ActorsHI provides a space for you to have all of your online profiles in one place. Even your IMDB and Actors Access. You will also be part of the ActorsHI roster that casting directors have access to. Which makes you more discoverable since they could already be there looking for someone like you.

Is this for me?

We think so! If you’re just starting out or already have built a good resume, ActorsHI keeps actors on point and organized with their materials. Whether currently working or preparing for your next gig…the job of an actor is rarely done. There’s always something to do.

Will I become a better actor if I join ActorsHI?

ActorsHI supports you in becoming a much more prepared and organized actor. Check out our resources page to find an acting class or coach that fits your vibe.

How soon will I be a rich and famous T.V. and movie star?

Great question! While we don’t have a time machine or a magic crystal ball that can look into the future, we can guarantee that if you have done everything you can do to be prepared for your next big opportunity (profile is up to date, you’re studying on the regular, etc.), then there’s an excellent chance that you are well on your way to even more awesomeness! WOOHOO!

What if I don’t have many credits or experience?

All good! Everyone has to start somewhere! Add what you can, and then check out our resources page to see how you can continue to beef up your experience.

What if I don’t have an agent?

No worries. Check the “currently seeking representation” box to let local agencies know that you’re available. You may also send your ActorsHI link to local agencies, so they can quickly check out your work. See our resources page for a list of Hawaii based agencies.

What if I already have an agent?

Great! Actors may give their agents access to their account to update if they wish. It’s also a great way to quickly share your updated material and performance calendar with your agent. Your agent can also easily share your vanity URL with whomever they wish.

What if I don’t want an agent?

Totally your call. Just know that most of the larger productions that come through (Magnum P.I., Doogie Kamealoha, etc.) will hire a Casting Director to assist in casting their show. These Casting Directors usually go through local agencies unless they are searching for something they can’t find. Having an agent betters your chances of getting into the room for these projects.

I have a full-time job and very little time to go on auditions or do jobs. Should I still sign up?

If there’s a little voice inside you that has always wanted to try it out, we say – GO FOR IT! The cool thing about having an ActorsHI profile is that your stuff is ready to go, so when the perfect opportunity comes up that you’re willing to take a day off for – you’re good to go!

What if I’m only in Hawaii part of the year?

You do not have to live in Hawaii to register for an ActorsHI account, but you should be open and ready to work in Hawaii.

Is this going to replace my Actors Access account?

No. ActorsHI is meant to work in tangent with other sites you use professionally like Actors Access, IMDB, etc. It’s an easier way for you to share all of your information in one link.

I only want to do background work.

Sometimes casting needs to find specific types for their background actors depending on the world they’re trying to create. Having an ActorsHI profile is a good way for them to see your different looks!

I have only done background work.

Yay! It’s up to the actor to add this type of work to their ActorsHI resume. On set experience is significant and something that our local casting directors often take into account, so don’t be shy to share this information.

I have only done live theatre.

A Thespian! We love it! Many T.V./Film actors have started in the theatre. Your experience is precious, so definitely add it to your ActorsHI resume!

I am part of SAG-AFTRA.

Congrats! As you know, the work of an actor never stops. Keeping your ActorsHI profile updated is a great way to continue getting yourself out there for when the next big union opportunity comes knocking at your awesome door!

How is my personal info shared?

Actors can choose what information is shared on their public profile and also who gets to see it. ActorsHI will never share your personal information with anyone without your permission first. Read our Privacy Policy here.

How do I safeguard myself from predators? How will I know if an audition is unsafe?

ActorsHI vets all casting directors and agencies before giving them access to actor profiles. Actors can also choose who can see their profile. Even with all of our security, we urge actors to trust their gut. If casting is happening at midnight on someone’s houseboat, it’s probably not a good idea to go. Ask to set up another time/place or report the audition. We want to make sure our actors are safe. Remember that you never have to do anything you are not comfortable with. Trust your instincts and trust that there are many opportunities out there. Passing on something you’re not cool with is 100% OK.

How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to see you go! Go to “Account Settings.” From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a red button labeled “Delete Account” below the bio section.